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              Jiangsu Youcann Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

              National Service Hotline :0516-83050599

              Uconn equipment products

              Provide dairy beverage equipment design, production, installation, commissioning turnkey projects
              Products Show
              Vacuum Mixer

              1. Purpose of vacuum mixer Vacuum mixers are mainly used in dairy beverage processing production lines, dairy industry, milk powder industry, etc. A recirculating blender used to emulsify and hydrate powder and other ingredients and standardize milk. It

              Vacuum sugar equipment

              1. Description of vacuum sugar equipment Uconn vacuum sugar equipment is suitable for high-speed feeding and chemical feeding of white sugar in dairy production lines, food and beverage production lines, etc. Uconn vacuum automatic sugar equipment can fu

              Online recycling equipment

              On-line material equipment is used for fast mixing system equipment such as powder and liquid, solid and liquid, and liquid and liquid. It is suitable for on-line production of dairy beverages, yogurt, ice cream, fruit juice, soy milk, peanut milk, protei

              Automatic dust-free feeding station

              Uniconn's dust-free feeding station is suitable for feeding production in the production of industrial chemicals and mixtures such as food, beverages, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, and condiments. The dust-free feeding station is mainly composed o

              Automatic batching equipment

              1. Description of the automated batching system The automatic batching system is an automatic batching system used in food production lines and powder production lines. It is good at solving the fully automatic batching production of powder in the process

              Automatic strain adding equipment

              The online strain addition equipment is an online quantitative addition device for the yogurt production line. Including the bacteria material container, realize automatic addition of bacteria, high degree of automation, saving a lot of manpower, at the s

              Automatic soaking system

              The automatic soaking system can be used in the pre-processing production lines of soy milk powder, soy milk, and soy products. Uniconn can customize fully automatic automatic washing and soaking system for customers. The system can realize fully automati

              Powder and powder mixing equipment

              Uconn can design and customize various powder mixing equipment and automatic batching systems according to customer requirements, including three-dimensional mixers, cone mixers, horizontal mixers, vertical mixers, etc.

              Liquid and powder mixing equipment

              Youcann liquid powder mixing equipment can be customized according to customer requirements for various liquid powder mixing processes, suitable for various beverage industry, dairy industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. It is widely used in the producti

              Powder turnover box

              The transfer powder box is specially used for the sealed temporary storage and transfer of food powder, which can make the powder storage safe, free from pollution and moisture, and meet GMP specifications. It is suitable for the transportation of closed

              Automatic vacuum feeding system

              Vacuum feeding is a system equipment that conveys powder and granular materials through the vacuum effect of gas. It is suitable for food, beverage, medicine and many other industries, aiming at the closed conveying of various powder and granular material

              Weighing and feeding system

              The weighing and feeding system is an automatic weighing system used in food production lines and powder production lines. It is good at solving the production of full metering ingredients in the process of powder unloading, powder transportation, powder

              Powder conveying system

              Uniconn milk powder transportation, a leader in closed pipeline transportation, provides on-site customized system project solutions for production enterprises. The Uconn automatic powder conveying system belongs to dense phase medium pressure pneumatic c

              Fully automatic CIP cleaning system

              The fully automatic CIP cleaning system is suitable for in-situ cleaning of equipment and process pipelines in the dairy, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. The equipment can be controlled by automatic programming, which is safe to use and easy to

              Powder turnover box cleaning machine

              The powder washing machine can adopt a dual-station design, and each station can be independently cleaned, dried, and disinfected. It can also be cleaned, dried, and disinfected at the same time in two stations, which is convenient and flexible to use. Th

              Single-effect evaporator

              Uconn is a professional design and manufacturing enterprise of evaporator and drying tower. The drying tower and evaporator of Uniconn Technology are used in the dairy, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and corn deep processing industries such as fresh milk,

              Three-effect evaporator

              Uconn is a professional design and manufacturing enterprise of evaporator and drying tower. The drying tower and evaporator of Uniconn Technology are used in the dairy, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and corn deep processing industries such as fresh milk,

              Upper exhaust drying tower

              Uconn is a professional design and manufacturing enterprise of evaporator and drying tower. The drying tower and evaporator of Uniconn Technology are used in the dairy, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and corn deep processing industries such as fresh milk,

              Small experimental drying tower

              Ukonn's small upper exhaust spray drying tower adopts a fully automatic control system to spray dry a small amount of solutions, emulsions, suspensions and other materials containing solids. Materials with a certain concentration are sprayed into a m

              Vibrating fluidized bed

              Unicorn’s horizontal vibrating fluidized bed is used for secondary fluidized drying of milk powder, sugar and other powders. It can be used for drying or cooling processes, drying temperature-sensitive products and removing surface water from materials co

              UHT sterilization machine

              The Ukon tube sterilizer adopts the world's most advanced ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization (UHT) technology, which not only guarantees the sterilization effect but also fully preserves the nutrients of the materials. The entire syst


              The pasteurizer is suitable for heating, sterilizing, and cooling heat sensitive liquids such as milk, beverages, fruit juices, foods, etc.; so that the products can be cooled after sterilization to achieve the purpose of extending the shelf life. Uconn p

              Tube heat exchanger

              Ukon tube heater is suitable for heating or cooling CIP liquid and general hot water. This equipment adopts a special-shaped tube structure, and the heat exchange effect is higher than that of the traditional heater.

              Plate heat exchanger

              Ukang's sterilization machine equipment is developed by our company in combination with foreign advanced technology and based on our company's years of experience in the industry. Sterilizers are divided into plate-type sterilizers and tube-type

              Mobile aseptic tank


              Milk warehouse


              Yogurt fermentation tank


              Strain fermentation tank

              Insulation tank

              Jacketed tank

              Upper shearing tank

              Lower shearing tank

              Weighing and measuring tank

              Single skin ingredient tank

              Vacuum Mixer
              Vacuum Mixer
              Vacuum sugar equipment
              Vacuum sugar equipment
              Online recycling equipment
              Online recycling equipment
              Automatic dust-free feeding station
              Automatic dust-free feeding station
              Automatic batching equipment
              Automatic batching equipment
              Automatic strain adding equipment
              Automatic strain adding equipment
              Automatic soaking system
              Automatic soaking system
              Powder and powder mixing equipment
              Powder and powder mixing equipment
              Liquid and powder mixing equipment
              Liquid and powder mixing equipment
              Provide one-stop service provider for dairy beverage equipment engineering solutions

              Overall design and planning of dairy and food factories

              Design and manufacture of special equipment for food and dairy products

              Food and dairy engineering automation control, installation and commissioning

              Food and dairy technology services

              Uconn System Engineering Service

              Provide dairy beverage automation equipment system engineering
              Dairy beverage pretreatment turnkey project


              Dairy beverage fully automated feed system project


              Automatic powder conveying system


              Automatic soy milk frothing equipment system


              Fully automatic CIP cleaning system for dairy beverages


              Fully automatic fermentation system for dairy beverages


              Committed to the automation control system engineering of dairy beverage equipment
              Focus on

              Jiangsu Youcann Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company integrating R&D and manufacturing, production and sales, equipment engineering installation, and automation supporting services. It specializes in the production of vacuum mixers, aseptic tanks, sterilizers, drying towers, evaporators, and stainless steel containers. , CIP cleaning automatic system, automatic conveying system and various automatic mixing and mixing systems. Uconn products and automation system equipment are widely used in...

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              Ukon Food Technology Consulting Service

              Professionally provide technical consulting services for dairy beverage processing systems
              Uniconn dairy beverage engineering case
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              • Soy milk powder industry
              • Pharmaceutical Industry
              • Condiment industry
              • Dairy beverage industry
              • Automation upgrade

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              Soy milk powder industry




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              Dairy beverage industry




              Automation upgrade



              Industry Information

              Learn about the latest industry trends in dairy technology
              Industry Information
              The influence of probiotics in the production of cheese and yogurt

              Preface  Withtheincreasingawarenessofpeople'shealthcareandthedevelopmentofscienceandtechnologyrelatedtomicroecology,consumersarebecomingmoreandmoreawareoftheimportanceofprobioticsinpromotinghumanhealth

              Foreign pasteurized milk accounts for 90% of dairy consumption and only 30% in China


              Automated design of food factory